What size basketball do 7 8 year olds use?

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What size basketball do 7 8 year olds use?

size 5

Highlights from the new rules and standards include the recommended use of: Smaller basketballs for ages 7-8 (size 5, 27.5” circumference) and ages 9-11 (size 6, 28.5” circumference).

What size basketball do 9 year olds use?

Size 5

Size 5 27.5” 17 oz Boys and girls ages 9-11 years old. This is the standard youth basketball you find in most stores.

What size basketball do first graders use?

Grades 1-3:

Girls and Boys - Size 27.5.

What age is a size 6 basketball for?

For boys, a size 6 basketball should be used between the ages of 12 and 13. For girls, a size 6 basketball should be used once they hit 12-years-old and is the official size used at the high school, college, and professional level. The circumference of the basketball should be 28.5" and the weight 20 oz.

What size basketball do 8th graders use?

size 5

For players aged 8-11, size 5 basketballs are the ideal size for play. With a circumference measuring 27.5”-27.75” and a standard weight of 14-16 oz, this is the most popular basketball size for youth leagues. Click here to shop Wilson's selection of Youth Basketballs.

What size soccer ball does a 7 year old use?


Size 3 soccer balls are best for junior players ages 7 and younger. It's the smallest size used for junior games, so if your kid is just getting the hang of team play, this is the one for them.

What size football do 8 year olds use?

What football size is best for youth football? Youth size footballs (size 8) are best for players ages 12 to 14. If you're looking for younger players, consider the K2 and Pee Wee footballs for ages 6 to 9 and junior footballs for ages 9 to 12.

What size football does a 9 year old use?

Players ages 9 and under should use a pee-wee size ball. It's critical we give young players the right size ball.
What Size Football Should I Buy?
AgeFootball Size
Ages 9 and underPee-Wee Size 5
Ages 10-12Junior Size 6
Ages 12-14Intermediate/Youth Size 7
Ages 14 & upOfficial Size 9

Oct 22, 2018

What is the right size soccer ball for a 5 year old?

The Five Soccer Ball Sizes in Detail

Soccer BallSize:Ages:
Size 220 – 22 inches3 – 5 years old
Size 323 – 24 inches5 – 8 years old
Size 425 – 26 inches8 – 12 years old
Size 5​27 – 28 inches12+ years old

What size is a toddler soccer ball?

Size 3

Size 3 is the official soccer ball for toddlers and young children. It has a circumference of 23-24 inches and should weight between 11-12 ounce.

What age uses size 3 soccer ball?

8 or younger

A size 3 soccer ball is typically best suited for children ages 8 or younger. Measuring 23″-24″ in circumference and weighing roughly 300-320 grams, this soccer ball size is the smallest that you'll see in competitive play.

What is a size 1 soccer ball used for?

Size 1 soccer balls, also known as mini soccer balls or skills balls, are used to improve footwork or just for fun. Size 3 soccer balls are the smallest official ball and used during matches for children under the age of 8. Size 4 soccer balls are used during matches for children between the ages of 8-12.

What size is a youth soccer ball?

Size 4

Size 4 – Youth (U8-U12), ages 8-12 | 25-26 in. (63.5-66 cm) Size 3 – Junior (U5-U8), ages < 8 | 23-24 in. (58.5-61 cm)

Is there a size 2 soccer ball?

Size 2. Also mainly used as a skills ball, the size 2 soccer ball is between 20 - 22 inches in circumference and weighs in between 250 and 280 grams. It's the perfect ball for children aged between three and five years of age.

How big is a size 1 ball?

Balls explanation of sizes

SizeCircumference, cmAge / Dedicated
358 - 60 cmMale 16 years old and older
254 - 56 cmFemale14 years old and older, and male from 12 up to 16 years old
150 - 52 cmFemale from 8 up to 14 years old and male from 8 up to 12 years old
046 - 48 cmUp to 8 years old

How big is a size 5 ball?

Size 5 Soccer Balls (Footballs) have a diameter of 8.6”-9” (22-23 cm) and circumference of 27”-28” (68-70 cm).

Is a futsal ball smaller?

The futsal ball is a low-bounce ball that is smaller than a normal outdoor soccer ball. The futsal ball's properties are specifically designed to develop skills.

What is futsal size?

Futsal balls come mainly in 3 sizes: size 2: is ideal for ages 7 and under, it is 21 inches and weighs 11 to 12 ounces; size 3 is suitable for ages 8 to 12, it is 23 inches and weighs 12/13 ounces and size 4 for ages 13 and up, it is 25 inches and weighs 14/16 ounces.

Is a futsal ball softer?

Futsal balls generally contain foam, cotton, or other materials that reduce their bounce and make them softer. Futsal balls bounce less than soccer balls. Therefore, the ball is more difficult to control and trap for the futsal player. Futsal makes trapping the ball easier than soccer.

Is a futsal ball different?

An official futsal ball is smaller (size 4) and has 30% less bounce than a 'normal' football which you see commonly used for 11-a-side. Practically, what this means is that the ball should bounce only very slightly, and you should never really get two bounces in a row. The ball is key.