What is the best bounce for a 60 degree wedge?

2022-09-12 16:00:02

What is the best bounce for a 60 degree wedge?

The best bounce for a 60-degree wedge is going to be around eight degrees of bounce. At eight degrees, you are just at the lower end of the bounsce before you head closer to hitting a high bounce. Some lob wedges are offered in very high bounces, and others are offered even lower than the eight degrees.

What is the standard bounce on a 56 degree wedge?


4608F grind
5208F grind
5610S grind
6004L grind

Oct 26, 2020

Is 12 degree bounce too much?

Clubs with a bounce of more than 10 degrees are considered "high bounce" wedges, according to Publinks Golfer. Sand wedges and some specialty gap wedges usually have high bounce, making them a good choice for light sand, deep rough or a shaggy fairway.

Do pros use high bounce wedges?

Many PGA Tour pros mix and match high- and low-bounce wedges to best handle various scenarios around the greens. They'll even change their wedges week to week, depending on course conditions and types of grass.

What bounce should a 52 degree wedge have?

8 degrees bounce

Gap wedge: 52 degrees loft, 8 degrees bounce (notated as 52:8 on the wedge)

What bounce is best for flop shots?

Low bounce 10 and lower: Ideal for shots from tight lies and firm turf conditions, if you actually keep your ball on the short grass. Less bounce makes it easier for better golfers to get creative with shots such as flop shots around the green because the leading edge is much smaller.

What bounce should my wedges be?

Low bounce wedges are great for firm conditions and players that take very little divot. A low bounce wedge will tend to dig or cut into the turf. High bounce wedges are great for softer conditions and players that take a bigger divot. A high bounce wedge will tend to glide through the turf and resist digging.

Is 14 degrees of bounce too much?

Wedges with a mid bounce angle (10 to 14-degrees) are the best all-around wedges for playability in all types of conditions and all golfers. These wedges are very versatile for players who like to be creative around the greens.

What does M grind mean on a wedge?

S – Neutral turf conditions, for the player that takes divots with his wedges. Offers greater forgiveness. M – Ideal for the most universal and playability, skilled golfers and varying turf conditions. D – Higher bounce and width of sole for forgiveness and use in bunkers, thicker grass, softer turf conditions.

How do you choose a bounce and grind on a wedge?

Try a grind that has a bit of relief out of the trailing edge - not an aggressive grind - but just enough for a bit of forgiveness, and a medium bounce (7-10 degrees). These types of wedges are the most versatile; good for full approach shots, bunker shots and for chipping and pitching around the green.

Why are Vokey wedges so good?

Vokey grinds help you manipulate bounce more precisely: the high bounce wedge grinds like the D and K grinds offer more forgiveness on your wedge shots, while the low bounce L grind helps you create shots around the green. Wedge bounce and grind improves your consistency and control over your wedge shots.

What is the easiest golf wedge to hit?

What Are The Easiest Wedges To Hit? The easiest wedges to hit are cavity-back wedges like the Cleveland CBX 2 and the Callaway Mack Daddy CB. This style of wedge makes it easier for players to get the ball up in the air quickly, even without making perfect contact.

Which wedge is best for chipping?

The sand wedge is the wedge that is the best for chipping. With a sand wedge, you can fly the ball reasonably close to the pin, and expect it only to roll a few feet. Sand wedges are great out of the bunker, and they provide a ton of spin even on shots out of the rough.

What 3 wedges should I carry?

So generally think about putting in a gap wedge that's 48 or 50 degrees, a sand wedge that's between 54 and 56 degrees, and a lob wedge that's between 58 and 60 degrees. These are general guidelines, make sure you're working with your fitter to get the gapping that works best for you. 3.

Is high bounce more forgiving?

A high bounce wedge is the best choice for amateur golfers as it generates quite a bit of spin and gives the player better control over 100-yard shots. They tend to be the most forgiving overall, allowing you to improve at a much quicker pace.

Is 10 degree bounce good for sand?

Because of its wide sole, lob wedges can be used for high, soft sand shots. Bounce angles of 10 – 13 degrees are preferable.

How do you use the bounce when chipping?



So that the bounce of the club is in play throughout the entirety of the swing. That. Way you'reMoreSo that the bounce of the club is in play throughout the entirety of the swing. That. Way you're gonna be able to use a bounce hit the ground first and not chunk or skull ever again.

What bounce do most pros use?

Cleveland said that unlike their predecessors, many of whom favored low-bounce wedges, many of today's PGA Tour pros use wedges with about 12 or 13 degrees of bounce. Opting for sole grinds that remove excess material in the heel, and often in the toe as well, makes their sand wedges and lob wedges more versatile.

What clubs do Dustin Johnson use?

Dustin Johnson WITB 2021 (October)

  • 3-wood: TaylorMade SIM2 Max (15 degrees) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 9 X.
  • 7-wood: TaylorMade SIM Max (21 degrees) ...
  • Irons: TaylorMade P730 DJ Proto (3-PW) ...
  • Wedges: TaylorMade MG (52-09SB @54 degrees, 60-10SB) ...
  • Putter: TaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy. ...
  • Ball: TaylorMade TP5x 2019 (#1)

Oct 18, 2021

What wedges does Phil Mickelson use?

Mickelson, one of the best short game players of all time, carries three Callaway wedges at the moment. He uses three PM Grind '19 “Raw” wedges. The PM stands for Phil Mickelson because he helped design the wedges with Roger Cleveland.

Do pros use 60 degree wedges?

For professional golfers, a 60-degree lob wedge around the green could be classified as a surgical scalpel. Many pros—most notably Phil Mickelson—have built their reputations on the ability to hit miraculous recovery shots with these higher-lofted clubs.