What is an English dyke?

2022-08-23 19:00:02

What is an English dyke?

dyke in British English

or dike (daɪk ) noun. an embankment constructed to prevent flooding, keep out the sea, etc. a ditch or watercourse. 3.

What does dyke mean in Scottish?


In Scotland a dyke or dike is a stone wall, but in England a dyke is a ditch. In the Cumbrian dialect of English a Dike is the name given to a banked hedgerow.

What is volcano dike?

Dikes are tabular or sheet-like bodies of magma that cut through and across the layering of adjacent rocks. They form when magma rises into an existing fracture, or creates a new crack by forcing its way through existing rock, and then solidifies.

What is dyke area?

A diked area is defined as an area bounded by. contours of land or a physical barrier that retains a. fuel to a depth greater than 1". At many. manufacturing or storage facilities, the flammable.

What does a dike look like?

A geologic dike is a flat body of rock that cuts through another type of rock. Dikes cut across the other type of rock at a different angle than the rest of the structure. Dikes are usually visible because they are at a different angle, and usually have different color and texture than the rock surrounding them.

What is dyke in safety?

An embankment or wall built to act as a barrier blocking passage of liquids to surrounding areas. (

How do you pronounce dyke?



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How do the British pronounce shire?



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