What is a good Valentines Day message?

2022-09-19 16:00:03

What is a good Valentines Day message?

Thank you for standing by my side through thick and thin, my forever friend. I can't think of anyone to whom I'd rather be toasting on Valentine's Day than a friend like you. I love you; Happy Valentine's Day! Wishing you a beautiful day filled with all the love and happiness you deserve.

What should I write in a Valentines card for him?

Messages to write to your HUSBAND this Valentine's Day

"Thank you for always being there." "I'm so lucky to have found you - my husband, my rock, my best friend." "You make me feel so loved and protected. I can forget everything when I'm in your arms."

What do you write in a first Valentines card?

“I'm so excited to be sharing our first Valentine's Day together. I hope it's the first of many…” “Wish you were here for me to spoil today.”

What are some cute valentine sayings?

Toys Valentines Sayings

  • Valentine, you are a-maze-ing. If you can find some of those marble mazes, they would be perfect. ...
  • Valentine, you float my boat. ...
  • You are just “write” for me! ...
  • I wheelie like you. ...
  • I like the way you roll. ...
  • Valentine, you blow me away. ...
  • I think you are a-doh-able. ...
  • I'm stuck on you.

Feb 8, 2022

What are some Valentines words?

Valentine's Day Vocabulary Words and Expressions About Love


What do you say on Valentines Day Post?

Romantic Valentine's Day Captions

  • When I'm with you, I'm home.
  • You make me love Valentine's Day.
  • Cupid called, he says you've stolen my heart.
  • I only have heart eyes for you.
  • We're better together.
  • Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.
  • You are my greatest adventure.

Feb 2, 2022

What to write in a Valentines card that isn't cheesy?

17 Sweet Things To Write In A Valentine's Day Card

  1. "You're the brightest part of my day." ...
  2. "You always find the perfect way to make me smile." ...
  3. "My crush on you grows every single day." ...
  4. "I didn't realize how good relationships could be until I met you." ...
  5. "You're everything I didn't even know I was looking for."

Feb 10, 2017

How do you end a Valentines card?

Don't forget to sign your name below!

  1. Yours always and forever.
  2. All my love.
  3. Affectionately.
  4. Hugs and kisses.
  5. Your loving husband/wife.