What does Wellerman mean?

2022-07-25 20:00:02

What does Wellerman mean?

A “Wellerman” was an employee of the Sydney-based Weller Brothers' shipping company, which from 1833 was the major supplier of provisions – such as the “sugar and tea and rum” of the shanty's refrain – to whaling stations on New Zealand shores.

What is a Wellerman job?

While its authorship is unknown, it may have been written by a pirate or shore whaler and may have served as a "cutting-in shanty" that whalers would sing as they slaughtered a whale. It was originally collected around 1966 by New Zealand-based music teacher and folk music compiler Neil Colquhoun from one F. R. Woods.

What does tonguing mean Wellerman?

The “tonguing” in the Wellerman lyrics refers to cutting strips of blubber to render into oil in large “try pots” — a challenging process aboard ship. The crew also required land on which to live and cultivate food. Map showing the distribution of whales across different seasons in the mid-19th century.

Why is the Wellerman so popular?

“Wellerman,” the first to go viral, is extremely catchy. But perhaps the shanty trend speaks to something deeper. Shanties were sung as a way to get sailors to work together for the common good, even when they were stuck on small ships for years at a time, seeing the same few faces and hauling the same ropes every day.

Why is 2021 the year of the sea shanty?

Sea Shanties have become a global hit in 2021 after one man from Scotland kicked off a trend of singing them on TikTok. Twenty-six-year-old Nathan Evans is now internet famous after singing one particular Sea Shanty, “Wellerman”, and it gaining millions of views.

What makes a song a shanty?

shanty, also spelled Chantey, or Chanty (from French chanter, “to sing”), English-language sailors' work song dating from the days of sailing ships, when manipulating heavy sails, by means of ropes, from positions on the deck constituted a large part of a sailor's work.

What is shanty in Tagalog?

The best Filipino / Tagalog translation for the English word shanty. The English word "shanty" can be translated as the following word in Tagalog: 1.) bárung-barong - [noun] shanty more...

Why is Wellerman not a sea shanty?

'If we're going on technical terms, 'Wellerman' isn't a sea shanty – it's a folk song,' The Longest Johns explain. 'It wasn't used on boats as a work song when it was used during the 18th century. It was a maritime song that was used for recreational purposes.

Are sea shanties Irish?

A sea shanty isn't any old nautical number: shanties are a specific type of work song dating to the 19th century merchant navy, divided by rhythm into groups, depending on the type of work being done. And there's good reason to believe they are heavily influenced by Irish musical tradition.

What is the most famous sea shanty?

Drunken Sailor, The Irish Rovers

Sung by The Irish Rovers, a famous Toronto folk band formed in the 1960s, this is one of the most popular sea shanties ever.

Why are most sea shanties Irish?

The Packet Rats of the Western Ocean Packets were almost one hundred per cent Irish… and as these seamen were responsible for many of our finest shanties it was only natural for them to choose tunes and words from Irish sources when they made up these songs.

Is Wellerman a real sea shanty?

“'Wellerman' is not really a shanty,” said David Coffin, a folk musician and music educator in Cambridge, Mass. It's a whaling song with the beat of a shanty, he said, but its purpose is that of a ballad — to tell a story, not to help sailors keep time.

How did Wellerman go viral?

Global interest in ShantyTok began when a postman called Nathan Evans, who lives near Glasgow in Scotland, posted a video on TikTok of him singing “Soon May The Wellerman Come”, a 19th-century shanty sung by sailors crewing ships owned the Weller brothers, founders of a whaling station in New Zealand.

Do seamen still sing shanties?

The Decline of Sea Shanties Culture

Still loved by modern sailors, the sea shanties are now rarely used as work songs since the modern vessels do not require a large group of people to complete as task aboard.

Is Wellerman copyrighted?

For literary works with unknown authors first published prior to 1955, copyright lasted for only 50 years after creation. This means that the literary works comprising the lyrics to the Soon May the Wellerman Come sea shanty are now in the public domain under Australian copyright law.

What is the TikTok shanty?



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Who owns the copyright on Wellerman?

The label is owned by Universal Music Group. The 26-year-old had been uploading singing-performance videos since joining the platform in March 2020, including Scottish folk songs.

Is 1700s sea shanties copyrighted?

It is important to note that this flourishing creative scene is only possible because sea shanties are in the public domain—not under restrictive copyright rules. Therefore, they can be played, reused, dueted, remixed, and transformed.

Is Drunken Sailor copyrighted?

English: Simplified (one voice) music score for the traditional sea shanty "Drunken Sailor". This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 70 years or fewer.

Are sea shanties royalty free?

Any sea shanty written in the 19 century is therefore likely to be in the public domain, meaning that it is no longer protected by copyright and the exclusive rights which previously vested in the copyright owner (such as the right to reproduce the work or to perform the work) can now be exercised by anyone.