What does Poggers mean?

2022-08-08 22:00:03

What does Poggers mean?

What is the meaning of Poggers? Nowadays, “poggers” refers to a specific emoticon available on Twitch which depicts a surprised-looking Pepe the Frog. The word “poggers” is used to express excitement during a game when something exciting occurs.

What is Poggers meme?

The poggers meme includes the emote of Pepe the frog with a surprised or shocked emotion on his face. Again, it is quite open to interpretation. The meme is used to indicate something surprising, whether good or bad, is up to the creator.

What is the POG face?

PogChamp is an emote used on the streaming platform Twitch intended to express excitement, joy or shock. The image used to show the streamer Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez with a surprised or shocked expression.

What is Sadge emote?

The meaning of Sadge is generally one of sadness or disappointment. It is used in Twitch chat to express sadness or similar emotions. Like most Twitch emotes though, it is also heavily used in an ironic sense. It is mostly be used sarcastically rather than always with the intent of showing off that emotion.

What is pause champ?

The PauseChamp emote is a variant of the popular PogChamp Twitch emote. The difference being that the PauseChamp emote has a closed mouth indicating there is suspense. The Pausechamp emote is usually used before the PogChamp emote. This emote can only be seen when the FrankerFaceZ or BTTV plugins are installed.

What is monkaS?

The monkaS emote stands for scared or sweating, and is used to convey nervousness during a Twitch stream. Chat users will post this emote when they are scared or nervous, or if a streamer is playing a scary game. If monkaS is being spammed, then it might be time to be scared.

What is MonkaW?

MonkaW is a zoomed-in version of the MonkaS emote. Both are FankerFaceZ and BTTV (Better Twitch TV) emotes that are often spammed when a streamer finds themself in an intense situation. It can also be used as mock worry. The image is based on a sweating Pepe the Frog character.

What is 5Head?

The 5Head emote is used when someone says something intelligent or is pretending to be very intelligent. It is generally used when someone does a highly skilled play or when they are being mocked for a poor play.

How do you use a Sadge emote?

If you want to use Sadge on Twitch, you will have to install the FrankerFaceZ browser extension. Otherwise, just text will pop up for you. Go to Frankerfacez.com select your browser and download the browser extension, you will then be able to see the Sadge emote on supported Twitch channels.

What is the difference between Pepe and peepo?

Despite a similar appearance, Peepo is NOT Pepe, they are two different frogs. Peepo emotes seem to just keep getting more and more popular on Twitch since they started popping up in 2017 (and we can see why, as the little guy is undeniably cute). But a common misconception is that these are just poorly drawn Pepes.

What is wide peepo?

WidepeepoHappy Emote Meaning

“Oh, happy, intensely, widely happy (almost orgasmic-like happy) I am!” is what widepeepohappy emoji is all about. This would be the peepo meaning in a nutshell!

What is Apu Apustaja?

Apu Apustaja, colloquially referred to as Apu(plural Apus) is a species of cute froggies spread out across the cyber. They are known for being extremely tribalistic due to their refusal to fraternize with other groups. Apus call each other frens and seem happy and content interacting with other "frens".

What does wide peepo mean?

WidePeepoHappy is a variant of the PeepoHappy emote, an emote based on the popular Pepe the frog meme. The meaning of WidePeepoHappy is, as the name suggests, pure happiness. When the WidePeepoHappy emote is spammed in chat, the chat is expressing their childlike cheerfulness.

What does modCheck mean Twitch?

modCheck. an emote for looking around for something.

Who made widepeepoHappy?

widepeepoHappy Emote Origin

Its origin goes back to comic drawer Matt Furie, creator of Pepe the Frog. If you want to watch and use it, you have to install the BetterTTV extension in your web browser.

Who started peepo?

In it, the main character Peepo, a squat, cute variation on the now infamous Pepe character created by cartoonist Matt Furie, has been banned from his favorite streamer's chat. The video shows Peepo pining to get back in his favorite streamer's good graces, and his sad, angry attempts to get their attention.

Are Pepe emotes allowed on Twitch?

It's important to note that Pepe is not an official emote on Twitch, which provides a basic set for all users. But Pepe persists through the wide use of third-party plugins like Better TTV that allow for a huge array of animated emotes only visible to those with the plugin.

How do you pronounce Pepe the Frog?

Der cpp auf kostbare ppp de france.MoreDer cpp auf kostbare ppp de france.

Why is Pepe the Frog popular on Twitch?

Pepe The Frog was increasingly used in memes, with images of the character used consistently across the messageboard site 4chan well into the 2010s. In the documentary, the site is described as a “Darwinian competition for attention” that led to a culture of highly offensive and inflammatory posts.

How do you get Pepe emote?

Go down into the settings wheel the chat settings wheel.MoreGo down into the settings wheel the chat settings wheel.

Will twitch sings be replaced?

As part of its announcement that “Twitch Sings” was shutting down, the streaming company explained that it would remove any archived broadcasts or saved highlights from the platform by Dec. 1, citing contractual obligations.

How do you get Pepega?

To get the Pepega emote for Twitch you will need to download the BTTV extension and then add the Pepega emote to your channel. As a viewer, to use the Pepega emote install the BTTV extension and then type “Pepega” (without quotation marks) in the chat of a streamer that has BTTV emotes enabled.