What does KEKW mean?

2022-07-19 10:00:03

What does KEKW mean?

KEKW is a combination of KEK, which is the Korean equivalent of LOL, and the letter W, which Twitch chat users often use to convey an exaggerated facial expression. Together, KEK + W became KEKW - a term that means "exaggerated, hearty laughter."

What is KEKW Twitch?

KEKW is an emote for a Twitch extension called FrankerFaceZ. The extension adds countless new emotes for Twitch chatters to use on the desktop version of the website, but it does not work on the mobile version of Twitch. Image via FrankerFaceZ.

How is KEKW pronounced?

How is KEKW pronounced? KEKW is really easy to pronounce as the term got just two parts: “Kik-u”.


The KEKW emote is available through the BTTV or FrankerFaceZ extensions. The emote is used as a laugh emote on Twitch. The image is based on Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish actor and comedian.

How do you make a KEKW emote?

To get the KEKW emote for Twitch you will need to download the BTTV extension and then add the KEKW emote to your channel. As a viewer, to use the KEKW emote install the BTTV extension and then type “KEKW” (without quotation marks) in the chat of a streamer that has BTTV emotes enabled.

Why was KEKW removed?

This more proactive approach that Twitch is taking is part of a number of changes on the platform to reduce hateful or objectionable content. El Ristas' KEKW likely won't be touched as it is pure positivity, and a great (though likely unintentional) legacy for the Spanish comedian to leave behind.

How do I upload emotes to Twitch without affiliate?



Channel okay the way we're gonna do this is by using an extension called better twitch TV.MoreChannel okay the way we're gonna do this is by using an extension called better twitch TV.

Who is the KEKW guy?

Famed comedian and face of a viral internet meme Juan Joya Borja, also known as KEKW man or El Risitas, has sadly passed away at the age of 65. A well-known face amongst not only residents of Spain but social media users worldwide, Juan grew to viral fame through a video of him bursting into laughter on television.

Is KEKW Spanish?

Juan Joya Borja (5 April 1956 – 28 April 2021) was a Spanish comedian and actor known by the stage name El Risitas.
El Risitas
Height170 cm (5 ft 7 in)

What is monkaS?

The monkaS emote stands for scared or sweating, and is used to convey nervousness during a Twitch stream. Chat users will post this emote when they are scared or nervous, or if a streamer is playing a scary game. If monkaS is being spammed, then it might be time to be scared.

What is PepeHands?

PepeHands is an emote that is part of the Pepe the frog family on Twitch. PepeHands features a teary-eyed Pepe the frog with his hands out, hence the naming PepeHands. PepeHands is used to indicate you're sad about something or you're pretending to be upset about something.

What is the Twitch frog?

According to Know Your Meme, POGGERS is a Twitch Emote featuring an illustration of Pepe the Frog with a surprised expression, which is used to express excitement or celebration in a similar manner to the PogChamp emote. Like MonkaS, it is one of Twitch's popular emotes using the frog character.

What does sweating Pepe mean?

April 6th, 2019. monkaS (or Monkas) is one of the many emotes on Twitch (via the third-party BetterTwitchTV) based on Pepe the Frog – this particular iteration is intended to convey anxiety and concern indicated by the sweat and bulging eyes on the familiar amphibian.

What does PogU mean on Twitch?

PogU is a variant of the original PogChamp emote. The PogU emotes features Ryan 'Gootecks' Gutierrez's face doing a surprised wide-mouth expression. This emote is used when something cool or exciting is happening on stream. It's also used to hype up a particular moment. The word POG means 'play of the game'.

What does Poggers mean Twitch?

Nowadays, “poggers” refers to a specific emoticon available on Twitch which depicts a surprised-looking Pepe the Frog. The word “poggers” is used to express excitement during a game when something exciting occurs.

How do you use a Sadge emote?

If you want to use Sadge on Twitch, you will have to install the FrankerFaceZ browser extension. Otherwise, just text will pop up for you. Go to Frankerfacez.com select your browser and download the browser extension, you will then be able to see the Sadge emote on supported Twitch channels.

Is Pepe a Sadge?

The Sadge emote is one of many popular emotes used on Twitch. Like a few others such as the Monkas emote it features Pepe the Frog. This specific emote is a flattened out Pepe. In general, the frog is looking really quite sad, dejected and completely deflated.

Who is the LULW emote?

LULW is the Twitch version of LoL and is used in funny situations on stream. It is a way of showing you are expressing laughter to your fellow viewers. It is also a variation of the other well uses expression on Twitch “LuL”. LuLw also has an emote which is available to use through the FrankerfaceZ twitch extension.

What is the difference between Pepe and peepo?

Despite a similar appearance, Peepo is NOT Pepe, they are two different frogs. Peepo emotes seem to just keep getting more and more popular on Twitch since they started popping up in 2017 (and we can see why, as the little guy is undeniably cute). But a common misconception is that these are just poorly drawn Pepes.