What does FTW mean?

2022-07-29 08:00:03

What does FTW mean?

the win

Definition of FTW

slang. for the win —used especially to express approval or support Night out with the girls?

What does HSB mean in slang?


HSBHot Stand By
HSBHigh Speed Buffer
HSBHouston Symphonic Band (Houston, TX)
HSBHarbour Security Boats

What does Lirc?

Also found in: Wikipedia. Acronym. Definition. LIRC. Linux Infrared Remote Control.

What is YMMV stand for?

your mileage may vary

abbreviation for. your mileage may vary: used esp in social media to acknowledge that an opinion is purely subjective.

What does CMV mean on Reddit?

r/changemyview, also known as Change My View (CMV), is a subreddit where participants discuss various topics for the purpose of understanding opposing viewpoints. Topics discussed include politics, media, and popular culture.

What is a Delta on Reddit?

The metric for success on the subreddit—a “delta,” which represents a view that's been changed—wasn't built into the design; someone hacked together a “delta bot” to keep track, but it required users to copy-and-paste the symbol or type out the string of Unicode characters to produce it.

What does CMV stand for on Youtube?



If you're pregnant. And you catch cytomegalovirus or CMV and you transmit it to your unborn baby itMoreIf you're pregnant. And you catch cytomegalovirus or CMV and you transmit it to your unborn baby it is one of the greatest causes of birth defects it causes more disabilities.

What is the life expectancy of a child with CMV?

The age-adjusted years of potential life lost for all congenital CMV deaths was 56,355 years. The infant mortality rate associated with congenital CMV was 8.34 per 1 million infants annually (95% CI, 7.65–9.04).

How does a child get CMV?

Infants can contract CMV infections from their infected mothers, sometimes before birth when the virus is passed to the fetus through the placenta, or during delivery if the mother's genital tract is infected. It can also be transmitted through CMV-infected breast milk.

What is cytomegalovirus in pregnancy?

CMV is a common viral infection, especially among young children. Congenital CMV occurs when the infection is passed across the placenta from a pregnant woman to her developing baby. Some babies with congenital CMV infection show signs of disability at birth, while others are born healthy.