What does being kryptonite mean?

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What does being kryptonite mean?


The one weakness of something or someone that is otherwise invulnerable, an Achilles' heel. noun. 4. 2. The definition of kryptonite is Superman's ultimate weakness, or anything that causes someone's ultimate weakness.

What is kryptonite in real life?

Real "kryptonite" (that is, sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide) is not a scary, glowing mineral; rather, it is a boring-looking white, harmless substance. Dr. Stanley hastens to add, however, that it fluoresces a pinkish-orange under ultraviolet light.

What does kryptonite do to humans?

Green kryptonite weakens Superman and other Kryptonians. It can and will kill them with long-term exposure. Kryptonians under green kryptonite's effects experience severe muscular weakness, usually to the point of collapse, and excruciating pain, with both conditions progressively intensifying.

What is your kryptonite example?

Your kryptonite may be issues handling money, the fear of failure or procrastination. Someone else's kryptonite may be past regrets, a quick tongue or overeating. Kryptonite's power is detrimental. If it can stop Superman's powers, it can stop you from living out your vision.

What is your kryptonite answer?

What is your kryptonite?

  1. A noisy or chaotic workplace.
  2. Co-workers that don't pull their load.
  3. Unclear expectations or guidance.
  4. Lack of organizational vision and goals.

May 20, 2018

What is another word for kryptonite?

What is another word for kryptonite?

Achilles heelfailing

What is kryptonite based on?

The material, usually shown as having been created from the remains of Superman's native planet of Krypton, generally has detrimental effects on Superman and any other Kryptonian exposed to it. The name "kryptonite" covers a variety of forms of the substance, but usually refers to the most common "green" form.

What is opposite of kryptonite?

Opposite of a weakness, shortcoming or failing. advantage. benefit. boon. immunity.

Where does the word kryptonite come from?

Like 'brainiac', 'shazam', and 'sad sack', the word 'kryptonite' comes to us from comic books. In its initial sense, Kryptonite referred to a mineral from the planet Krypton which had an extremely harmful effect on Superman.

How many different Kryptonites are there?

There are five distinct varieties of kryptonite (green, red, gold, blue, and white), the first three of which are toxic to Superman. Green kryptonite, the only variety potentially fatal to Superman, induces lassitude and inertia followed by death if not removed in time from Superman's presence.

Why is Superman's weakness kryptonite?

It's radiation that makes Superman weak.

Radioactive materials emit radiation in the form of particles and energy. This can be anything from whole helium nuclei to gamma rays. If gamma rays were emitted by kryptonite, they would ionize Superman's cells.

How did Batman get kryptonite?

Book(s) Kryptonite is a glowing green, radioactive mineral from the planet Krypton that was created in the aftermath of the terraformation process of the World Engine in the Indian Ocean during the Black Zero Event. After Superman destroyed the engine, pieces of kryptonite were found in the water.

How did Lex Luthor know about Kryptonite?

Lex came to know about it through the experiments his scientists performed on Zod's body. And well, Bruce Wayne had hacked into LexCorp's research files, thereby making it possible for him to access the research content on Kryptonite.

Why did Batman steal the Kryptonite?

It was Batman bait. He knew from the small shard tests with Zod's corpse that Kryptonite could weaken and cut Kryptonian flesh. He made sure that knowledge was out there then made an official request to import the larger rock so there was a paper trail. Then he smuggled it into the country conspicuously through Gotham.

What does Pink Kryptonite do to Superman?

Pink Kryptonite is a type of Kryptonite that seemingly turns Kryptonians homosexual. It is unknown what it would do to an already homosexual Kryptonian, although one could assume it would render them heterosexual.

What is black Kryptonite?

Black Kryptonite is a form of refined Kryptonite that can separate the personalities of a single being into two separate beings. This Kryptonite is created by heating Green Kryptonite to extremely high temperatures.

What is silver Kryptonite?

Silver Kryptonite is a synthetic form of Kryptonite created by Brainiac from the liquid metal that formed the body of his humanoid avatar.

What is blue Kryptonite?

Blue Kryptonite is a mineral from the planet Krypton that strips Kryptonians of their powers for as long as they're exposed.

What is purple Kryptonite?

Purple Kryptonite was a type of Kryptonite that was purple in color. Its' effects on Superman or other Kryptonians was never revealed, but it's presumably the same as Green Kryptonite.

What is yellow Kryptonite?

"Yellow Kryptonite" was part of a hoax masterminded by Lex Luthor. It was not actually Kryptonite, but a harmless yellow sphere (as were the other types of Kryptonite he used). He hoped the that Superman would think that it was Kryptonite and thus hold back - which he did.

What is orange Kryptonite?

Supergirl #2) Orange Kryptonite – Sounds like a job for Krypto the Super Dog! Orange kryptonite gives animals superpowers! ( Krypto the Super Dog #4)