What did Alice forget?

2022-07-23 18:00:02

What did Alice forget?

She has a memory about a woman named Gina, but nobody in her family wants to talk about it. Alice believes that Gina had an affair with Nick and that's what broke their relationship. The truth is soon revealed to her, that Gina was her best friend who had recently passed away.

Did What Alice Forgot ever become a movie?

Tri-Star entertainment is set to create the film adaptation of 'What Alice Forgot' with Jennifer Aniston signed on in the leading role.

What Alice Forgot a true story?

I was inspired by a true story of a woman in the UK who lost her memory and thought she was a teenage girl. She didn't recognise her husband or children. The interesting part to me was that she apparently behaved like a teenager as well.

Who is Mr Mustache in What Alice Forgot?

XavierFrannie's friend. Aka: Mr. Mustache.
RitaA girl who had dimentia.
DoraNick's older sister.
OliviaAlice's youngest daughter.

Is there a sequel to What Alice Forgot?

What Alice Forgot is a 2009 novel by Australian author Liane Moriarty.
What Alice Forgot.
AuthorLiane Moriarty
Preceded byThe Last Anniversary
Followed byThe Hypnotist's Love Story

What Alice Forgot who is Gina?

Alice-at-29 assumes Gina was Nick's mistress, only to discover that Gina was her best friend. Gina died in a freak car accident and in her honor, Alice-at-39 has organized mothers from the kids' school to bake the largest lemon meringue pie on record.

Is the husband's secret a movie?

Blake Lively has signed on to star in a new murder mystery movie called The Husband's Secret, and OMFG. It's based on a novel by Liane Moriarty, the author of Big Little Lies, which was adapted into this year's biggest miniseries obsession on HBO.

What is the order of Liane Moriarty books?

Where to start reading Liane Moriarty

  • Three Wishes (2003) Moriarty's first book, Three Wishes, was released in 2003, and focused on triplets Lyn, Cat and Gemma Kettle. ...
  • Big Little Lies (2014) ...
  • What Alice Forgot (2009) ...
  • The Hypnotist's Love Story (2011) ...
  • Nine Perfect Strangers (2019) ...
  • The Husband's Secret (2013)

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Is Big Little Lies A sequel to the husband's secret?

Big Little Lies is a 2014 novel written by Liane Moriarty. It was published in July 2014 by Penguin Publishing. The novel made the New York Times Best Seller list.
Big Little Lies (novel)
AuthorLiane Moriarty
Preceded byThe Husband's Secret
Followed byTruly Madly Guilty

What happens at the end of the husband's secret?

The end of the novel includes an ironic twist as author Moriarty shows how tiny decisions can change the scope of dozens of lives. Cecilia Fitzpatrick thinks that she has her life under control. Her illusion is shattered when she finds a letter written to her by her husband John-Paul.

What does the Berlin Wall symbolize in the husband's secret?

The Berlin Wall being a metaphor for sealing in and keeping out . . . but also, perhaps, the inevitability of collapse – that secrets very rarely remain kept forever, and walls once put up are bound to come crashing down.

How does the hypnotist's love story end?

Jack's arm is broken, but Saskia's pelvis is broken, forcing her into an extended hospital stay. This provides some relief for Patrick and Ellen because they know Saskia is no longer a threat.

What happens in the book the husband's secret?

The novel is set in Sydney, Australia, where Cecilia Fitzpatrick is a happily married mother-of-three who leads a seemingly perfect life. Meanwhile, Tess O'Leary is a career woman who returns to Sydney with her son after her husband, Will, confesses that he is in love with her cousin and best friend, Felicity.

What happens in the book Truly Madly guilty?

In Truly Madly Guilty, Liane Moriarty turns her unique, razor-sharp eye towards three seemingly happy families. Sam and Clementine have a wonderful, albeit busy, life: they have two little girls, Sam has just started a new dream job, and Clementine, a cellist, is busy preparing for the audition of a lifetime.

How much money does Liane Moriarty make?

Liane Moriarty net worth: Liane Moriarty is an Australian author who has a net worth of $8 million. Liane Moriarty was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in November 1966.

What is the book the husband's about?

Book Details

When the Spanglers go house hunting in Dynasty Ranch, an exclusive suburban neighborhood, Nora meets a group of high-powered women—a tech CEO, a neurosurgeon, an award-winning therapist, a bestselling author—with enviably supportive husbands.

What happens in the end of the husbands?

Hayden admits that he resents Nora for the mysterious accident that has caused their daughter a multitude of scars. Finally, she and Hayden are communicating. Their life and their marriage seems better, despite the fact that Nora is working more than ever as she investigates Richard's death.

Where does Chandler Baker live?


Chandler Baker lives in Austin with her husband and toddler where she also works as a corporate attorney. She is the author of five young adult novels.