What are some badass boy names?

2022-09-22 09:00:03

What are some badass boy names?

Badass Boy Names for Your Tough Little Love

ArnoldEagle rulerGerman
BernardStrong, brave bearGerman
BladeKnife, swordEnglish
BondPeasant farmerGerman

What is a male name for warrior?

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LiamRemoved from list
KaneRemoved from list
GunnerRemoved from list
WalterRemoved from list
GideonRemoved from list

What boy name means powerful?

  • Denzell/Denzel. Meaning: Old Cornish name for “powerful”
  • Emerson. Meaning: Old English name for “son of the brave and powerful one”
  • Ethan. Meaning: Hebrew for “strong, firm”
  • Ezekiel. Meaning: Hebrew for “God strengthens”
  • Gabriel. Meaning: Hebrew for “God is my strength”
  • Garrett. ...
  • Griffin. ...
  • Kano.

What name means fighter?

36 baby names that mean 'little fighter' or 'warrior'

  • Aaron. Meaning: 'High mountain or strong mountain'
  • Alexander. Meaning: 'Defender of mankind'
  • Cayden. Meaning: 'Great fighter'
  • Donovan. Meaning: 'Strong fighter'
  • Dustin. Meaning: 'Fighter'
  • Ebba. Meaning: 'Strength of an animal'
  • Ethan. Meaning: 'Strong, safe, firm'
  • Griffin.

What names mean fierce?

Jara is a Slavic name meaning fierce, which makes it a good choice for those looking for tough girl names. Jara is the feminine form of Jaro, which is a shortened version of Jaromír, which comes from the Slavic words for fierce and peace or world.

What are Power names?

Powerful Names for Girls

  • Adira: This pretty Hebrew name means “noble, powerful”
  • Allura: An Old French name, this means “power of attraction”
  • Aubrey: This Old German name means “elf, magical being, power”
  • Aza: A “powerful” unisex baby name of Arabic origin.
  • Brigitte: An Irish name, this means “strength, power”

Jan 31, 2022

What names mean brave and fearless?

98 Baby Names Meaning Fearless

BairaBrave; Courageous; Fearless
BaldasarreBrave One; Mighty; Courageous; Fearless
BaldricIt means a brave and courageous ruler. It symbolises great heights and a fearless warrior.
BasilahBrave; FearlessIslam

What baby name means strength?

Along with Gabriella, other girl names that mean strength in the US Top 1000 include Audrey, Bridget, Valentina, and Valerie. In addition to Zeke, other strong boy names in the US Top 1000 include Anders, Ethan, Gabriel, and Griffin.

What name means powerful leader?

Richard: This Old German name means “powerful leader.”

What boys name means strong willed warrior?

Andrew: One of the more popular names meaning 'warrior', this English name means 'strong warrior'.

What boy name means courage?

266 Baby Boy Names That Mean Courage

AshankoFearless, Brave, Courageous, Valiant, Bold, Daring;Boy
AshjaMore courageousBoy
AshvanthStrong; Brave; Powerful; CourageousBoy
AshvathStrong; Brave; Powerful; CourageousBoy

What boy name means strong and wise?



AlfredA classic English name that means “wise counselor”. You can also use its shorter form, Fred, to address your little one.
EthanMeaning “strong”. Per the Old Testament, Ethan was a wise man known for his intelligence. It is a classic as a very stylish name for a baby boy.

Feb 13, 2020

What name means God is strong?


Gabriel: is of Hebrew origin and means 'God is my strength. '

What name means strongest?

Boy baby names that mean strong

  • Everett. If you're looking for an E name, Everett's a bold and trendy choice. ...
  • Liam. Are you surprised that one of the most popular baby names in Canada right now means strong? ...
  • Angus. With Gaelic origins, Angus is a name that you don't hear too often. ...
  • Bernard. ...
  • Oscar. ...
  • Ethan. ...
  • Zale. ...
  • Callan.

Jan 6, 2019

What boy names mean fearless?

82 Baby Boy Names That Mean Fearless

BairaBrave; Courageous; FearlessIndian
BaldasarreBrave One; Mighty; Courageous; FearlessIndian
BaldricIt means a brave and courageous ruler. It symbolises great heights and a fearless warrior.English
BatoorOne who is brave, courageous, valiant and fearlessPashto

What name means brave and strong?

Along with Audrey and Matilda, other girl names that mean brave, strong, or powerful in the US Top 500 include Gabriella, Valentina, and Valerie. Boy names that mean brave and boy names that mean power include Andrew, Everett, Ezekiel, Harvey, and Zane.

What name means brave warrior?


Dustin means 'brave warrior'. Related name is Thorstein, Thor's stone.

What name means rebel?

In fact, Miriam, which comes from Hebrew, actually means "rebellion."

What name means blood?

Kanik Kanik is a ferocious Greenlandic name for a boy or girl. This name specifically means “blood.”

What name means moon?

Names that mean moon

  • Mona — Old English (girl)
  • Luna — Latin/Spanish (girl)
  • Sasi — Thai (girl)
  • Indu — Hindi (girl)
  • Jaci — Native American (girl)
  • Mahina — Hawaiian (girl)
  • Hang — Vietnamese (girl)
  • Neoma — meaning “new moon” in Greek (girl)

What name means warrior?

Ancient favorites such as Gunnar, Marcus, and Walter all have warrior-related meanings. Girl names that mean warrior in the US Top 1000 include Alessia, Harlow, Louisa, and Zelda. Along with Gunnar and Marcus, other boy names that mean warrior in the US Top 1000 include Callan, Duncan, Kane, and Miles.