How old is Jason Todd?

2022-07-26 13:00:02

How old is Jason Todd?

7 Jason Todd: 19-Years-Old

Jason Todd was killed at the age of 15 and was resurrected 6 months later, which didn't seem to change his physical age.

What were Jason Todd's last words?

The finals straw is when Joker mocks Jason, recalling his last words, choked out between smashes of the crowbar to his head: "Please stop, please. If you let me live, I'll do anything you say.

Does Jason still love Bruce?

Jason deep down loves Bruce, but feels betrayed by him. Bruce wants to tell Jason how he feels, but he has a hard time reconciling his love with Jason with the horrible things Jason has done. In the end, their relationship is beyond repair.

What is Jason Todds full name?

Jason Peter Todd

Jason Todd
Created byGerry Conway (writer) Don Newton (artist)
In-story information
Full nameJason Peter Todd
Team affiliationsBatman Family Batman Inc. Teen Titans League of Assassins Young Justice Challengers From Beyond Justice League The Outlaws Teen Titans Academy

What drug was Jason Todd taking?

Jason Todd's dark days have been at the center of Titans season 3 since its opening moments. From inhaling Scarecrow's toxin to dying at the hands of The Joker, he underwent a lot in that opening act, setting up his descent into villainy as he returned from the dead and became the violent vigilante known as Red Hood.

How many languages does Jason Todd speak?

Multilingualism: Taught by Batman, Jason is fluent in several languages having spoken English, French, German, Italian and various others with Russian being his weakest.

What color is Jason Todd's eyes?

Jason Todd has heterochromia Iris. His eyes take a different color depending on the light. Light blue, deep blue, grey, green, teal. That is why people kept describing him sometimes with blue eyes, sometimes with green.

What race is Jason Todd?

Jason's Thunder Thighs™ — Jason Todd is of Hispanic descent.

Can Jason Todd beat Nightwing?

So, while a gun-toting thug wouldn't necessarily pose a problem, it's Jason's capabilities that can give him an edge over Nightwing. Thus, leaving him victorious.

Who is better Red Hood or Nightwing?

Nightwing would be able to beat Red Hood as shown in the Battle for the Cowl. Nightwing would win by a long shot. Not only is he better at hand to hand combat, martial arts, speed, and acrobatics, but he also has the upper hand in terms of intelligence. He could easily find a way to outsmart Red Hood and/or disarm him.

Who is Jason Todds best friend?

Roy Harper

Kenneth Rocafort on Twitter: "Roy Harper Jason Todd's best friend.

Do Nightwing and Red Hood get along?

Despite their differences, these two ex-sidekicks team up in Batman: Gotham Nights #11, where we see firsthand that they don't just work well together; they're perfect partners.

Does Batman still care about Jason Todd?

Batman and Jason Todd have long had a fractured relationship after the former Robin was killed and brought back to life. Jason harbors understandable resentment towards Bruce Wayne, but it's clear he still cares - apparent by a heartbreaking gift he just gave to Batman.

How many Robins have there been?

Through the hundreds of volumes that DC has released, there have been six Robins. Only a few, such as Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne and Jason Todd, have managed to leave a lasting impact, whether for all the right reasons or not.

Does Batman love Nightwing?

Batman and Nightwing are one of the longest superhero partnerships - but it's their love for one another that means they're forever linked. Nightwing isn't just Batman's first sidekick - he's also the most important.

Who is Batman's favorite son?

Richard Grayson is clearly Batman's favorite son : r/Nightwing.

Does Tim Call Bruce dad?

Tim is family to Bruce. and Damian, is Bruce's biological son. So yeah, they definitely refer to him as their Dad.

Are Nightwing and Batgirl dating?

Batgirl is the love interest of Dick Grayson, the first Robin, later Nightwing and at one point the second Batman in the Batman comics. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon had an on/off relationship. They did get engaged but Barbara ended it.

Did Batman get Batgirl pregnant?

Not only did we learn about Barbara and Dick's blossoming relationship back in the day… but that the timing was rather awkward. Basically, Batman got Batgirl pregnant while she was still involved with Dick Grayson. And rather that let Barbara tell Dick, Bruce got in there first.

Is Barbara Gordon adopted?

Following the reboot, Barbara Gordon is born to Roger and Thelma Gordon, and she is Jim Gordon's niece/adopted daughter in current canon.

Does Nightwing love Starfire or Batgirl?

Nightwing does flirt with starfire in young justice and a bit in the comics but ultimately he probably loves Batgirl the most. even in one story ark i think they where actually married . Barbara Gordon.