Does Evite limit the number of guests?

2022-08-11 02:00:02

Does Evite limit the number of guests?

Our current guest list limit for Evite invitations is 750 guests per invitation. This means you can send your Free invitation to up to 750 guests. For Premium, it will be dependent on your purchase which will vary between 15 - 2,500 guests.

How do I limit guests on Evite?

To change this option, simply go back into your invitation and click "Manage Invitation." Then go to the "Add Guests" tab and Guest Options and enter the desired number of guests that will attend your entire event, in the "Set Max Capacity for guest list" field.

How do I limit the number of RSVPs on Evite?

Under the "Guest Options" settings bar on the right, use the "Limit total guest list size" option to enter the current amount of "Yes" RSVPs that you have received. This will prevent any other guests from RSVPing "Yes". Guests will receive a message to reach out to the host if they attempt to RSVP "Yes".

How many invites can you send for free?

Free and Paid-for Sending of Flyers

If you send and track 50 invitations or fewer via the Paperless Post Site (by email or text), and if you choose free colors, styles, stickers, and backgrounds, (as explained here) when customizing your design, then your Flyer can be sent for free.

What happens when you remove a guest from Evite?

If you are using a Premium invitation, and the invitation was sent successfully, it will be deducted from your purchase. When a removed guests tries to access the invitation, they will see a notice that they have been removed from the guest list and are no longer able to view its contents.

Is Evite still free?

All of our invitations are labeled as "Free" or "Premium" in the gallery. All of our Free offerings allow you to create an invitation with a beautiful design, as well as receive/manage RSVPs, and use host tools like polls and what to bring lists. Guests will see ads based on the event type you select.

How does Evite make money?

The company has to make money in some way and the sponsored ads make it possible for them to offer the Evite online invitations without a charge.

Does Evite track RSVPs?

Our site will save your most recent RSVP. Note: In order for the RSVP to be recorded, you must RSVP directly on the Evite site through the invitation link you received in the email for it to save, instead of RSVPing on the email itself.

Is Evite Pro worth?

Great for studio event invites

Great experience! I use Evite for both business and personal use and it's always a good software for me. It helps a lot with my event and party planning needs. This software has been our favorite way to send out invites to our events and parties at our dance studio!

Can Evite see who viewed?

Anyone who sends an Evite can know instantly who's opened it, even if the recipient hasn't yet checked one of the RSVP boxes.

What does a premium Evite cost?

Evite Pricing

Evite Premium$14.99 - $79.99cost per event size
Evite Pro$249.99billed annually
Evite FreeFreeevents up to 750 guests

Can you see when someone views your Evite?

Once a guest opens and views your invitation, your guest list will show "Viewed XX minutes ago" or "Viewed XX days ago" directly next to the guest's name on the guest list.

Can you hide guests on Evite?

- Hiding your guest list will hide your guests' names, RSVPs, and any comments left at the time of RSVP. Any comments left after RSVP will show publicly on your invitation's activity feed. If you wish to disable the activity feed, please reach us HERE to make the request.

Can you block someone on Evite?

You can easily block a host from sending you any future invitations by clicking "Click Here" at the bottom of the email invitation you received. Our system will then confirm that you'll no longer receive notifications from this host.

Why can't I open an Evite invitation?

The reason you cannot view your invitation in your Evite account, is that you must first RSVP from the text invitation you received. You will select the link in your text message, and then RSVP, and add the same email that is associated with your Evite account.

Why are some of my Evite not sending?

edu), or school school system email address, there may be a firewall or spam blocker which prevents the delivery of invitations from us. Chat with someone from your IT department to ensure that our email address (info@mailva.evite.com) is not blacklisted on your end.

How long does it take for Evite to send invitations?

For both Free and Premium, invitation emails are sent out immediately. If there is any delay with our systems, such as with a high influx of invitation events going out at the same time, we will put a note on our Support Site stating the delay.

Can evites be texted?

Evite is the first digital free invitation service to allow party and event hosts to send invitations by text message. You can invite all your guests at once via phone number or email address via your iPhone or Android and get their invitations seen sooner!

How do evites work?

An event organizer creates an online invitation through the website via a simple interface. This online invitation is colloquially referred to as "an Evite". The host enters email addresses of prospective guests and Evite sends emails to the guests.

Why does my Evite says sending?

Please be patient with us as we work to respond to every one of you! Greetings from Evite HQ! We are currently experiencing a delay in sending invitations; this is why many of you are seeing a “Sending”status on your guest list. Please rest assured that we aware of this, and are working to correct it immediately.

Can I upload my own invitation on Evite?

Are you looking to design your own invitation, or upload a pre-designed/custom template? We offer a "Design Your Own" option that will allow to you to do this! They are located at the following link https://www.evite.com/gallery/category/design_your_own/?source_meganav.