Do hey dude shoes run big or small?

2022-09-02 05:00:03

Do hey dude shoes run big or small?

Do your shoes run true to size? Some of the Hey Dude Shoes styles may run smaller or larger than other in our collections. It is recommended to read the suggested sizing tips on each product page.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dudes?

Hey Dudes shoes are comfortable and lightweight. Some people choose to have socks with their Hey Dudes to add more protection for their feet. Many recommend you wear socks but ultimately it's up to you. If you take care of your feet and don't wear socks with Hey Dudes and your feet stay dry, your feet will be fine.

Do Hey Dudes stretch out?

Hey Dude Shoes Sizing

Our suggestion is if you usually wear half sizes, choose the next size up for the best fit. But if you do enjoy a more snug feel, it's important to know that the Wally and Wendy Hey Dude styles are made out of woven cotton and will stretch out, meaning you may want to size down.

Can I get hey dude shoes wet?

Due to their canvas material, Hey Dudes are not waterproof. However their lightweight fabric does dry easily. Thanks to their EVA soles, Hey Dudes do have the ability to float on water!